Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bunja's Style Files part 1

Have you seen those magazine articles about celebrities and it shows their hairstyles and how they've changed over time? Well, I thought I'd pull out some of Bunja's old pics to show you his fashion transformations. So were hot, some were umm....well....not. (Sorry lil B!)

1. The "Feral." Recently featured on IG as part of "Bed Face Awareness Week". Bunja sported this look early in his adoption before I realised how to groom him properly. This look gets points for being hilarious and cute but loses points because the groomer charged extra to get rid of all the dreadlocks. Oops.

This is how rock stars look is the morning right?
Groomer, you can kiss my dreadlocked butt!
Find more of Bunja's fashion moments after the jump

2. The "Who the hell is that?!"  So when I took him to the groomers for the first time, I couldn't speak Korean well enough to tell them what I wanted. I just said "All shaved." The groomer gave me a funny look but did what I said anyway. This was the result. Although this cut highlights his ears and he makes a decent-looking chihuahua, I'm sure you'll agree, this was not Bunja's finest fashion moment.
What did you do to me Mummy?! Go study Korean!
She kept his lashes long. That's something.

3. The "Pretty Boy" For Bunja's next look, his fur was cut short but his ear hair kept long. When I picked him up, he had these glitter hearts on his ears and so much perfume that it made my eyes water.  We promptly changed groomers.

What did I do wrong Mummy? Why must you punish me?
Cheer up Bunja, at least they didn't spray your cheeks with pink dye (That really happens here).

4. The "Short and sensible": A classic summer favourite, this wash and wear look requires minimal brushing. Unfortunately, it's not easy to achieve unless you pay to get an expensive "scissor cut". To get this look, you have to get shaved with clippers and wait for it to grow out a little.

yet manly

So which look is your favourite? How do you like to get your dog groomed?  Let me know in the comments section.

If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned to this blog for Bunja's style files part 2. His other looks include the "Stuffed Toy" and his current look "Lamb legs".

Much love from Bunja and his Mummy!


  1. lamb legs! bwhaha! i like the last cut. i must admit i pay extra for them to cut chargers by hand.

  2. I literally LOL-ed at bunja's "all shaved" look! I know how it feels, my maltese was shaved down once and it was a terrible experience! But I really loved Bunja's current short and sensible look, it's the best! <3

    instagram: xwlee

  3. Haha! My favorite is the glitter hearts! Just kidding! I like the last one. Sophie gets cut shorter than a typical yorkie, but I like her manageable! She gets a little shaggier in the winter to stay warmer. Don't feel bad! Sophie got saved once too and both me and the groomer spoke English! Then she charged me extra for Sophie's attitude! I figure Sophie just thought she was nuts and was trying to say "don't shave me!" we hanged groomers

  4. Short and sensible is my favorite although I love him through all his styles. Great post :-)

  5. lol the chihuahua look cracks me up! poor Bunja! The short and sensible has to be my fav. After a few failed attempts at different groomers, I decided to just give Haylee haircuts at home. :)

  6. The first time I got my schnauzer groomed, I said I didn't want the typical schnauzer cut because I don't like the skirt. I opted for the "teddy bear cut" because he was a puppy & it sounded cute. Huge mistake & never happened again! Luckily I now have a miniature pinscer who requires no grooming!

    Love the blog -- have been following on IG so I'm glad to follow you here!

  7. lol I laughed so hard when I saw the all shaved one..Bunja really looks like a chihuahua! My fav is still the "short and sensible" hehe xD


  8. He' so adorable!!
    You' re sooo creative!! I can't wait to see his pictures and read your comments on IG!!!
    If you have the time, take a look at little girls!! My profile is verifonseca

  9. The first two photos are hilarious. I love the bald ones because it's similar to my chihuahua, Chloe. But I fell in love with the "short and sensible" the first time I ever saw Bunja. That is my favorite. I love all of my pups more than anything but there is something about Bunja that I can't get enough of. How crazy is it that he's become such a tiny star?