Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bunja's Syle Files part 2

Hello fashion connoisseurs. Finally, here is the next installment of Bunja's style files. I've sifted through old photos and come up with more looks that I hope you'll enjoy.

The "Pin-up":  We trialled this look last winter when Bunja's hair was long and fluffy and we wanted his fringe to grow so it could be tied up like other Maltese dogs I'd seen. Bunja made his feelings known about this look by making it his mission to always rip out the clips within 5 minutes. Fashion fail.

"Am I pretty enough for you Mummy? And just in case you didn't notice, that was sarcastic."

I actually remember shopping for these particular clips and trying very hard to find the "least girly" one.
What was I thinking? 

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The "Shaved with Dignity": This was his look at the beginning of last summer. The groomer used clippers to groom his body hair short but cut his face fur by hand. This avoids "full Chi" effect.

Fresh off the groomer's table
"Obviously, the chicks dig it"

"It keeps me cool in the hot Korean summer. Especially important for when the girls can't keep their hands off me!"

The "Monkey Feet":  One of Bunja's more controversial looks since I started Instagram is the shaved paw look. People comment that they're creepy (especially when they are freshly shaved and bright pink) and ask why we get them cut like that. This look is not for fashion, it's for practicality. In Korean houses, we do not wear shoes. The floor is a clean area and we sleep and eat on the floor, so Bunja has to wash his feet after going outside. If his paw fur is kept nice and short, it means instead of fully washing and drying them, we can give them a quick wipe. Many Korean dogs get their paws groomed short for this reason. 

"Mummy, I'm not a creepy monkey am I? "

No honey, think of if more like you just took off your fluffy socks

The "Lamb Legs":  Lastly, we have Bunja's current look, the lamb legs. Or as his grandparents call it the "mountain goat"  This look was invented by my husband. He decided he could groom Bunja's feet by himself and I must say, he did a pretty good job on the front paws. I felt confident all was well and I left them alone. Much to my surprise, when they finally emerged from the bathroom, Bunja was wearing fluffy knickerbockers on his hind legs.

My little lamb.
It still makes me laugh to see a fluffy body with little legs sticking out.

The other part of this grooming 'experiment' was his tail. My husband, for some reason, decided to shave half the tail and leave the tuft at the end. I was horrified! I said, "What the HELL did you do to him? It looks like he has a disease!" (There may have been some other colourful expressions thrown in too)  My husband replied, "I was inspired by the palm trees I saw in Thailand."  This reply is so typical of my husband. When I'm furious about something,  he can somehow manage to say something totally off the wall and make me laugh in an instant  Regardless of his "inspiration", I will never leave my husband, Bunja and dog clippers alone together again.

To my husband's credit, when Bunja wags his tail, from this angle, it really does look like a palm tree waving in the breeze.

By the way, I hope this fashion designer cited Bunja as his source of inspiration for these fluffy pantaloons!

So overall, which is your favourite haircut? Are you still all in favour of the "Short and Sensible" from part one?  More importantly, would you ever let my husband groom Bunja again?

Let me know in the comments section.

Much love from Bunja and his Mummy xx


  1. Oh my goodness, everytime I think I can't possibly love Bunja and you guys anymore than I already do, you surprise me!

    Um, I would have to agree that your husband, no matter how well meaning, should never be left alone to groom Little B by himself again, ha ha. I am a fan of the short and sensible. He has that eternal puppy look when it's short! But really, Bunja is ALWAYS handsome, no matter what fashion he's rocking!!!

    Great job on your blog as always!


  2. Ha ha ha... I love all his styles, but least is long bang (too girly ha ha ha)
    Love his pink feet so much (imagine you wipe his feet making me smile)
    I love his look in the pic he was on the stair step, and since I'm from Thailand, it's such an honor he's got Thai palm tree as his tail...thanks to your hubby for his creativity... hee hee hee

    Thanks for writing a blog Kristie, I saved your blog on my fav page already / ma_june from IG

  3. I love all his styles!! Including the lamb legs! ^^ I think I might want that for Joy one day haha. Joy herself is sporting a homemade hairstyle at the moment.. We actually tried to groom her once long fur ourselves and it didnt turn out quite as we expected... BUT, shes looking a lot better these days as her fur is growing back so the uneven-ness is getting less and less obvious :P

  4. I love love love the lamb legs! and the palm tree tail is way too funny. I like it though. This month Beija went to the groomers but usually is Beija's dad who does the job and of course I'm the b#tch next to him making sure every thing is done as discussed :P

  5. Is KH perfecting his skills before baby JJ arrives?

  6. I can't pick a favorite since Bunja rocks each and every look, oh yeeeeeeah! Okay maybe except the palm tree tail, but your husband is a genius for coming up with the "Lamb Legs"! I am obsessed with keeping Miley's paws/legs clean too since we are also a shoes free household, I am very tempted to invest in a pair of clippers now and try a DIY job! lol.....


  7. My vote is for "Short and Sensible"! Manly and cute! ^_^

    Though I find really funny The "Who the hell is that!?" and The "Monkey Feet"! I'd let your husband do the grooming as a form of punishment on Bunja, for not going to walks! lol

    You could also make a post on Bunja's wardrobe. I'd love to see his clothes and accessories!


  8. oh bunja! :) you're rocking every look! hows your long hair in winter? muu can hardly see through his long fringe! :)