Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bunja's Big Day Out


I had drafted a post about Bunja's big day out but was unable to finish it. Today, my goal was to unpack all my clothes so therefore I have time to do this blog. I'm a skillful procrastinator.

Let's go back to a few weeks ago to before moving house took over my life and relive Bunja in his furry glory....

Some people say their fingernails look wonderful and strong when they are pregnant but mine looked like I had been running them down a cheese grater, so I decided to treat myself to a manicure.

I have visited the same nail place from time to time which is very close to my house. It's in indoor shopping center where small retailers set up stalls for manicures or selling clothes and jewelry. Once I went there on a whim after walking Bunja and they went crazy for him. One lady took him around to all the other stalls to show Bunja to them and he basically shut down the place with all the squeals and cries of "Ahh! Waaaa! He is the king of cute!" (A common Korean expression).

When I visited there again a few months later with a friend, I mentioned to her "Oh I should've brought Bunja, they love him". Sure enough, as soon as I arrived they asked "Where's Bunja?!" My friend said "Oh you really weren't kidding!"

So this time, I made sure to bring him. Here are some pics I snapped with my iphone from our day out.

He is immediately placed on a mini throne while the assistant brings him some water . So glad I color coordinated his outfit to their shop.

Yes lady, soak it up.There's plenty of me to go around.

Making me wave hello to the camera? Puh-lease I can do this cute stuff in my sleep.

I wished I could have snapped more pics of the other girls crowding around him, but I was getting my nails done and couldn't stop to pick up the phone! After I got the basic manicure the manicurist said to me "Service" which in Korea means something free. I said "OK" and then she began doing nail art. Now, I've never been a big fan of nail art but I didn't even have time to think about the answer before she started. I truly think that she did the nail art for free just to keep Bunja around a bit longer!

The finished result. At first I was thinking it's a bit wacky but I got used to it after a few days.

After the manicure, I decided to keep the makeover theme going and get a haircut. I walked down the street to my hairdresser (Everything is so convenient in my nieghbourhood!)

When I got to the salon, I asked if it was ok if I had a dog. The lady behind the counter yes. There was another older lady there who looked like the owner and the look on her face said "WTF?! God foreigners are annoying!" I pretended not to see it.

My male hairdresser greeted me and had the same reaction as the manicure ladies to Bunja. I love it when a guy has no shame in publicly gushing over a small fluffy dog.  He insisted on holding Bunja while I got my hair washed.  I sneakily snapped this pic just before the lady started washing my hair.

Bunja in the hair salon with my hairdresser.
Bunja sat quietly in my lap as I got my hair cut and got attention from various assistants, hairdresser and customers.  Once again, I couldn't take as many photos as I'd have liked because I was busy holding my head still getting a hair cut.

Hello. If you think I'm cute then give me a snack.

That's not a snack.

At one point the hairdresser complained because too many people were crowding around Bunja and he couldn't stand close enough to do my hair. He jokingly blasted his assistant with his hairdryer to get her out of his way at one point.

I'd love to round this post off by saying something like - and here is a picture of Bunja after his big day out:

When in truth, this was before we left.
Much love from Bunja and his Mummy xo


  1. Hysterical insight into the King of Cute's life, live your stories!!!!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I'll get time for more frequent posts ^_^

  2. Bunja has such a great life! I love dog-friendly places, and wish we had more of them here!

    1. Well, they aren't all dog-friendly. I just go to less formal and non-franchise places that don't have to stick to any rules. They seem to be ok because he is so small.

  3. yay Bunja!! You will have to get a double stroller when Baby Lee gets here to push them both around. :)

    1. I'm already imagining having to carry around two babies! I may need to get a nanny just for Bunja ;)

  4. Bunja is such a friendly lil fella, no wonder he's adored everywhere he goes! Pamper yourself as much as you can, not long to go now, so very excited for you guys!

    1. Yes, he's very friendly. Loves to be loved! Wish I had an unlimited bank account so I could pamper myself more often !

  5. 아유- 이 귀요미의 인기는 정말 끝이없네요 ㅋㅋ
    I get so pissed off with people like that customer at the hairdressers- as a Korean myself I get so proud of non-Koreans who adjust to life in Korea and make the effort to learn the language and blend. It still annoys me when Koreans come live here (NZ) and don't make any effort to learn the language whatsoever. I used to get so embarrassed about that in my high school years. Good on you for not letting her get to you (I hope), because you've got so many more people cheering you on. Love seeing the everyday adventures of Bunja and his mum and dad (and new sibling!) 언니 화이팅!

    1. Well, I was bringing a dog into her hairdressing salon so I think that's why she was making a face at me. Even so, what you say is true. "Blending" into Korean culture is especially challenging, if not impossible. Cranky ajummas don't bother me as much as they used to. Maybe it's because I'm an ajumma now! haha!